About US

Channel52 US is a bilingual television, broadcasts News and Programs in English and Bangla for Americans, American-Bangladeshi and Bangla speaking viewers across the the globe. The Television Kicks off its journey in 2014 in New Jersey, USA. The station adheres to the highest ethical standards and values of Bangladeshi-American society and casts news and views with integrity and objectivity to uphold absolute highest professional standards and ethics.

We advocate for global development for peace, tranquility, prosperity and stability to ensure environmental sustainability for everyone living in rural and urban areas in the planet earth. The television nurtures the attitudes of touching hearts of millions of global citizens by giving them a feel and have their say in this platform of expression as if it is their own.

Credible, unbiased, prompt and extensive coverage of News & Current Affairs has been the key to success of Channel52 USA. The most colorful programs and the best program qualities keep its distinct feature compare to other American-Bengali Society based TV networks. Through its 24hour uninterrupted digital broadcast service, Channel52 USA’s screen became a brighter and attractive window than ever.

With the modern outlook, the television is committed to serve global viewers to the best. Channel52 USA family believes in fair, objectives and unbiased coverage of news irrespective cast and creed, color and gender, sex and racial identity. We are committed to highlight the American culture, history, heritage along with Bengali National identity, colorful cultural heritage and rich history, tradition and belief.

We, dream to inspire billions of imaginations with a new ideas and thoughts through effective communication using state of the art technology mingled with the power of social media as well. The hopes and ambitions of every American- Bangladeshi are boosting us to go far beyond our dream with Channel52 USA on board. We have the strong spirit of war of liberation in 1971 which always gives us strength to conquer in difficulty and too see our dreams come true despite hurdles. We strive to bring those dreams to lives and share them with everyone in the globe. We are drawing the stories of our nation in America and depicting American life everyday effectively and meaningfully.

Channel52 USA is committed to uphold the quality of life by providing true and impartial information and analysis and healthy entertainment what signifies life and lifestyle.

Channel52 USA is driven by the need of people’s life. It gives priorities to the areas of life were it was not given before in urban and rural, in developing and developed nations. Humanity and humanism is the core driving force of this television and thus the selection of contents are designed to deliver for the prosperity of planet earth.